Our primary goal at Pacheco Automotive is to make the repair process as hassle-free as possible for our customers. We service all vehicle makes and models and offer 24-hour towing services to anywhere in New England. Additionally, for your convenience, we can arrange pick-up or delivery of your vehicle, if necessary, and offer on-site rental services. 

Pacheco is one of the few remaining independent repair shops not contractually linked to any insurance company. That means we work for YOU, not for them. Most insurance companies recommend specific, affiliated shops for rentals and repairs through a Direct Repair Program. These selected shops may not have quality, price, and customer service at the forefront of their work. You have the right to choose where you service your car, despite your insurance company’s recommendation. You can trust us to assess and determine the damage of your vehicle and the true cost of repairs. We know your rights under insurance laws and are your advocate and liaison with the insurance company!

Our superior workmanship, accommodating customer service, and immaculate facility will make Pacheco your #1 choice. We follow exact factory specifications for all repairs to ensure your vehicle’s performance and safety. Your vehicle will not be returned until it is in the condition its manufacturer would endorse.